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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

This is what my friend told me today. It is not exactly the same but it is similar.
My friend's mother, "Aiyo, that XXX always so late then sleep. Studying is really very stressful."
My friend's father, "I think first year is like that."

This is what my mom told me today, "I really got to salute you. You seem to be not tired at all even though you are having less than 3 hrs of sleep everyday." My reply, "Of course I am tired but I have got no choice."

Studying used to be an enjoyable process for me and I loved studying. As for now, I think I prefer sitting down doing nothing, watching TV, sleeping, etc. I am facing the fact now that studying is a bit of a chore to me. I jolly know well that staying up late is bad for health and it is I guess my lifespan will shorten every minute without ample rest. God give me more time.

Time god, time god,
1 year = 365 days
1 day = 24 hours
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 minute = 60 seconds
Time god, could you stretch these variables? Ok, at least this year is a leap year :)

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