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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It is a rainy day and it has been raining for the whole day. Many areas are flooded and Bt Timah and Rochor are th worst hit. I had dinner with a friend at Clementi KFC and we ordered "Shrooms meal" each. It cost $2.95 per set and as expected, the serving is quite little for us. Decided to go for a second round. While making our way to a coffeeshop near Mac, we bumped onto 2 very serious people doing project in Mac. haha...

As usual, I took 165 home but then it took more than half an hour and found itself still near Clementi KFC area. It caught into a very serious jam. 2 cars crashed onto each other and blocked 2 lanes which are supposed to be for right turning traffic. 165 is supposed to turn right :( and because of the blockage, it has to turn left. I thought the bus driver will somehow find a wide road and make a U-turn and continue its usual route. But then the stupid bus driver drove all the way back to the bus interchange and had the bus parked. He took another 10 minutes to consult the higher authority for alternative routes but isn't the answer obvious? Go find any route available! Ok, somehow I managed to reach home.

A friend of mine icq me telling me something which really made my night real spoilt. Guess got to come out with ways to help cheer up my friend.

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