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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gave a lecture to a Singnet Customer Service Officer

I realized my windowsupdate problem could be due to ISP MTU setting. I made a call to Singnet 1800 call service and my first call was pleasant. The customer service officer was knowledgeable and direct me to the steps to do the configuration. However, I was not ready to launch the configure program at that moment of time and so just relied on my memorization of steps. I made a second call to the 1800 service but was attended to by another person. This person was not knowledgeable. Described to him the whole situation and kept telling him I am able to connect to the internet but just couldn't get to windowsupdate. I told him I am able to get to windowsupdate in NUS but not at home. WindowsUpdate just returned an error number and I managed to find an article telling me that it could be deal to ISP MTU setting being not setup correctly. That stupid guy just kept telling me that Singnet does not provide the level of help if it is not found in their database. But I just couldn't understand how come the first guy was so fast in telling me the configuration and so detailed but then this guy just couldn't tell me. He did not even seem to understand what is windowsupdate. When I told him I am trying to perform windowsupdate, he asked me what OS I am trying to upgrade from WindowsXP SP2. Oh my goodness! Going to windowsupdate is not to upgrade an OS but rather is to apply patches isn't it? He just kept on telling me am I able to connect to the internet and surf and kept explaining to me how to connect to the internet despite me telling him YES I can surf but just not the windowsupdate. I just need to know how to set the MTU setting like what the first officer guided me. I was fed up. In the end, I asked him if he knew what is MTU. But he just kept telling me Singnet don't provide this support and end up teaching me how to connect to the internet again.

My reply to his "service" is this.
"For your reference, MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. As a technical support officer, one should not restrict himself to just what Singnet database offers you. He needs to know more than that because any problems can be asked by any customers and he needs to be ready to troubleshoot. If you really don't understand what MTU is then you should transfer this call to someone more knowledgeable than you."

From my elder brother, he has a friend who used to work as a Singnet customer service officer. That friend is only ITE graduate. IMHO, I feel this position should at least demand a Diploma holder.

What an experience!

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