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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Met up with my gf for breakfast this morning at 8:30am near her house. Poor Regine, she had to wake up so early in the morning just to have breakfast with me. I left for Takashimaya at around 9:20am and reached there at around 9:40am. I was attached to help out in ammending price tags and stock replenishment. Arriving too early or on the dot was not a good choice at least for sales line. I was made to loiter around for 20 minutes before Andrew called me to meet up. His life being a sales merchandisher wasn't that good either. He had to bear any responsibility should a sales promoter commit anything wrong. The Taka sales promoter had got the price tag for both toys at the Civic Plaza and the level 3 stores mixed up and this created a big hoo-ha yesterday. Because of this mistake, Andrew had a good couple of hours of lecture from Eleanor, his superior. Eleanor even came down personally with her assistant, Celest, to oversee the running. All was done by 2pm and then Eleanor called for lunch treat to all of us, 6 in all. Her original plan was Crystal Jade Kitchen but then it was full-housed. Celest suggested a Thai restaurant but again it was full-housed. Finally, we settled down at an Italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe. Eleanor was going to give a lunch treat to 5 staff but she proved the saying, "There's no free lunch in the world", correct. In return, she wished to see better sales in the coming ten days, all the way to Christmas. I ordered "Liguine Carbonara" and "Iced Lemon Tea". Lunch setting was dull because all topics were on work except on questions like, "Where did you study?" and "Which course?". If I were to choose, I would prefer leaving the table and making a move to Suntec Carrefour for work straight to sitting down conversing in dull topics. From the many conversations, I learnt that Eleanor actually came down last Tuesday to spy on me, making sure I did my sales promoter job dutifully. Thank god I was not working that day. I have a strong feeling she will come down within the next few days. I reached Suntec Carrefour for work proper at 3:30pm.

Tomorrow will be a long day. My working hours is from 12pm to 12am.

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