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Friday, December 01, 2006

Interview On Myself

hongjun joined Experts Exchange (EE) in Sep 1999, and has been a long time contributor in the ASP topic area. He has also achieved over a dozen other topic areas to reach the 1,000,000 point level, so we asked him what keeps him going.

How did you first find Experts Exchange?
Well, I first get to know Experts-Exchange during my poly days. A friend of mine introduced EE to me when we were stucked with some C Programming logic.

First EE question asked by me: Simple scanf question (C Programming)

What made you start answering questions?
Ever since I asked my first question, I often rely on EE to get quality and prompt replies to my technical questions.

Few months later, I realized there are some questions out there where I can also provide my assistance. I realized the need to give back to the community and to share knowledge.

First EE question answered by me: string requires char type but how to add all entries and get total? (C++ Programming)

What do you get out of answering questions?
In short: Knowledge
When I attempt to answer questions, I actually go through the process of looking for solutions all over the place. Through this process, I begin to know where to get the right solution at the right place at the fastest time. I also get to know a problem can be solved by many different methods and which is truely the most efficient and effective.

I must admit my bookmarks database is rather huge.

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