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Friday, September 01, 2006

My sign is Sword in Chinese Horoscope

Got my prediction from Superfate Fortune Management.

◎Your life is represented by the lucky sword, courageous and organized. You can make a fortune with your creativity and justice. You like well-behaved and wise people. With your leadership ability, you can break through any dissatisfying situation. ◎

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the sword. You are a bit bossy and dominating, but have leadership ability.

You are capable and talented, with a great sense of justice and righteousness, and willing to help others for the sake of justice. Like a sword, you are able to cut through a difficult or unsatisfactory situation and eventually change your fate and destiny. You may hurt yourself carelessly with a double-edged sword if you are too aggressive and pressuring people around you. You may be dominating with your appearance, but have a loving heart to protect the weak with a sense of justice and fairness.

However, a good sword needs to be molded and sharpened, so those that cannot pass the test and process only become scrap iron. Being determined and unafraid of the challenges, not blaming others, and learning and growing are the essential elements to become a respected leader. You like intelligent people with artistic talent and dislike hypocrites. You admire those who are willing to sacrifice and dedicate themselves to others with a sense of justice. As long as you pass the challenge and test, your entire life will be unaffected by any storm or blocked by any obstacle to become a winner.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your respiratory system is weaker.◎

According to your destiny analysis, the function of your respiratory system is weaker, and you have had minor problems like allergies, runny nose, cough, cold, chest pain, diarrhea and constipation when you were young. But over age 40, additional care of your respiratory system is needed, or it may lead to nasosinutisis, asthma, bronchopneumonia, bronchitis, intestines polyp and proctitis. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue and smoking, maintain a stable, regular lifestyle and schedule, and sleep and wake early in order to protect a congenitally weaker respiratory system.

There's a saying that all disease starts from the mouth, which means many human diseases are related to food. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food can be divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth (concept of the five elements). You seem to prefer the spicy flavors in food like spicy hotpot and Sichuan dishes, which means your cells are filled with too much gold element. This negatively affects your health, fortune and career, so we suggest you try different foods to balance your diet and nutrition, which leads to harmony in life and a balance of yin and yang based on the five elements. In addition, if you have recently felt unlucky or things were not going smoothly, then you are probably affected by bad spirit, which caused bad luck. The best solution is not to eat meat and fish for a period of time until the bad spirit goes away. The bad spirit tends to stay with those who eat meat and fish, and also chicken, duck, green onion, garlic, leek and other spices, so a vegetarian diet can help change your luck.

◎Health Analysis: Your cardiovascular function is weaker as well.◎

your cardiovascular function is weaker as well, which caused minor problems like pimples, mouth and tongue sores when you were young. But over age 40, your cardiovascular function requires additional care, or you might have major problems such as blood pressure problems, hem sterone problems, unusual heart rhythm, eye pressure problems, and other abnormal functions leading to heart diseases, stroke, or loss of vision. Therefore, it's very important for you to maintain a stable schedule for your life, avoid fatigue, and, most importantly, do not to stay up overnight. If possible, have a blood test and electrocardiogram periodically and pay more attention if there's any family history of hereditary palatine canal system and cardio diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc. Try to eliminate iced and cold drinks in order to avoid losing your vitality.

According to your destiny analysis, your spirit and the physical strength tend to be weaker than others with less energy. Your friends can often play, dance, or study all night without any sleep, but only one night without sleep makes you extremely tired and weak. You don't like running or outdoor activities, have poor sleep quality, and tend to be more emotional and sentimental.

If you want to change your destiny and fate, you better sleep before 23:00, and five minutes of sun every morning, but avoid the strong sunlight between 12:00~15:00. You will sense a major change and difference if you are persistent. If you are able to develop the good habit of sleeping and waking up early, it will completely change your fate and destiny with better health, more wealth and happiness coming into your life.

◎You are willing to be devoted, dedicated and sacrifice for a relationship. Your love is full of romance, so to be your companion is to be blessed with love and happiness. But when the passion cools down in romantic love, many problems emerge, which require your tolerance and wisdom to overcome.◎

In romance, according to our analysis, you are easily attracted to someone you admire in your heart, but you often end up empty-handed because it's quite difficult for both parties to fall in love at first sight. Generally speaking, women do not have deep first impression of you, so they need time to discover your inner beauty. You, however, tend to like a person at the first sight, but not after a period of time. Therefore, if you are still waiting for a good romance, try to show your inner beauty by doing more activities, establishing better habits, and socializing with more people. This way you can express your inner beauty naturally all the time, which makes your romance go more smoothly.

In the journey of life, your romantic or marriage partner might be introduced by relatives and friends, or through matchmaking. You tend to be inexperienced in love, unable to express yourself, and do not know how to actively pursue someone without being too sticky or giving up easily. You have opportunities but are afraid to get hurt, so eventually it is not easy for you to have the spark of love. If you are still seeking your love partner don't rush because someone nearby likes you, so as long as you pursue the relationship sincerely, the happiness is yours.

◎Career and Wealth Analysis: You know how to make money, but it is not easy for you to hold onto your money.◎

According to your destiny analysis, you know how to make money, but it is not easy for you to hold onto your money. Your life is more philosophical, so you are not stingy with yourself, family or friends. You spend what you have even when you are financially tight, and are generous when you are financially comfortable. Because of this, it's not easy for you to save your money. In addition, you maybe convinced easily by friends to make some financial investments that cause you to lose money. You like to make many friends, so you easily lose money if you cannot evaluate risk or reject people when they approach you for investment. You will spend most of your wealth doing things you want to do throughout life because you consider only money spent as the wealth actually owned by you. Afterwards, you will not bequest much to your descendants.

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