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Friday, September 17, 2004

An hour ago, I was told there's another one who is affected and will not sit for tonight's PE. And this means there will have one student to accompany me to sit for a make up next week :)

In my opinion, my Unix lecturer is a very lazy one. Lecture 1 to 5 slides are written by another lecturere and he simply used it for this course. Lecture 6 slides are taken from another University's website! This makes me wonder will he ever write any notes this semester for this course? I doubt so. Not only did he not write his own notes, he doesn't even bother to prepare to read them prior to every lecture. Just take today's lecture as an example - he had to spend some time reading each slide before he could deliver it to us. To make things worse, some of the codes are not working on my school's SunOS because of many versions of UNIX/Linux. This really irritates me as to which code are working and which aren't. Sometimes when examples get lengthy, he simply skips them. That is very irresponsible of him.

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