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Saturday, August 07, 2004

I woke up early in the morning to accompany my girlfriend to JB today. We reached Singapore customs at around 10am and the queue for Singapore was longer than normal Saturdays maybe because of the super long weekend. We finally reached JB customs at around 10.30am and saw what was simply incredible. Queues for Singaporeans were all very long and disorganized. Queues at the right side even stretched up to the public road. My girlfriend was sweet enough to accompany me in the queue. The queues were so disorganized that I couldn't even figure out any queues from the crowd. The crowd became rowdier as time passed by, with people beginning to complain the slow service of JB custom officers and the condition of the air in the customs. My girlfriend accompanied me for around 45 minutes before she advanced to the Malaysian gantry, leaving me to fend myself in the midst of the rowdy crowd.

There were a minority lot whom I classified them as barbaric, uncivilized morons. There were particularly 2 morons, a pair of old Malay couple, who made their way all the way from the back of the pack to the front, ignoring the eyes of everyone. The atmosphere became tenser when the air condition became stuffy. The old couple was stopped by a Malay young lad. The lad challenged them, asking them where were they from and asked them to go all the way back and fuck off. Sad to say, "Fuck off" did not deter them from making their further advances.

Queuing alone in such a cramped packed crowd was kind of tough and boring for me. I had got no one to talk to, no room for movement, and nothing to keep me occupied. There was a family of four people queuing in front of me and one of them, a girl, suddenly felt giddy. Her lips turned pale, her eyes became yellowish, and her hair was wet with cold perspiration. The girl's mother quickly took out a bottle of Chinese medicated oil and passed it to her another daughter. The daughter applied the medicated oil on the girl's nostrils, temples, neck and hands. The mother used her passport to fan the sick girl hoping it would help. Another couple in the queue offered the girl a "mentos".

The distance between "Counter 9" and me was less than 5 metres but though near, yet it seemed so far. At this point, the crowd separated itself into 2 queues, one for "Counter 9" and the other for "Counter 10". The situation became worse with the queues did not seem to proceed at all because of many barbaric, uncivilized morons. There were 2 male "mama shop" look-alikes morons, carrying a huge luggage each, making their way through the crowd. I was not alert enough to let one of them past me. He ignored many stares. I deliberately crossed my arms and used my elbows to block the other guy. That second guy whom I shall name him "Stupidest of all morons" here, tried to evade my block by looking for any free space around me to sneak in, however, all possible free space were blocked by my rocking left and right motion. The "Stupidest of all morons" had got no other options other than applying constant push on my back hoping I will let him get past. I would never give in to violence. No matter how hard he pushed, I remained rooted to the ground, not wanting to give in to his pressure. What the "Stupidest of all morons" could do was just watched how his friend made his way to the counter. Very soon, the "Stupidest of all morons" and I was just one queue from the "Counter 9". I noticed he attempted to squeeze his way from my left side along the left railings. I quickly hold onto the left railings to block the "Stupidest of all morons" and used my right elbow to guard my right side. The "Stupidest of all morons" finally lost his cool and told me to move forward into the queue in Malay. I understood the only word "Masuk". In English, I told him to wait for the person in front of me to have her passport checked before I could move forward. He placed his passport on the counter in an attempt to grab attention from the counter officer to have his passport processed before me even though he was behind me. To counter his actions, I placed my passport on the counter nearer to the officer and of course not letting my left hand off the left railings. I was careful enough not to let the "Stupidest of all morons" have any opportunity to sneak in like a smelly little rat.

My poor girlfriend must had waited for me until mushrooms and fungi started growing around her. Poor thing. Other than the legendary MacDonalds' "Hello Kitty" soft-toys craze few years ago, I couldn't recall having queued up for more than 1.5 hours long. Today's queue definitely earned a place in my "Guinness World of Records Book".

We had our lunch at one of the coffeeshops near City Square. After which, we had a movie "House of the Flying Dragons" at City Square's Mega Pavilion. The show was average to me.

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