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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Module bidding is in a mess for me. I managed to secure 3 desired modules at 1 programme account point each and another module at 365 general account points. I was unable to secure EC1301 (Principles of Economics) and was out-bidded. Can you imagine minimum bid for that module in round 2A was 2000 and in round 2B was >2000? Because of I being out-bidded, I have to look for other alternative module and I found GEK1038 (Scientific Methodology). Pre-requisite is 'O' Levels Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Biology and I meet them. However, when I tried to add that module, I got an error message saying I do not meet pre-requisite! I guess this has to do with I being a diploma student and not a JC student. I have already made a total of 4 (excluding the one I going to make for GEK1038) appeals because of pre-requisite issue and so I would have made 5 appeals altogether and this number is just enough to make up modules for a semester! A big WOW! The appeal got approved after the bidding round ended and so I bidded for GEK2000 (US: From Settlements to Superpower) instead. I am not going to give up EC1301 and will fight till the end. I will bid EC1301 as my 6th module. Yes, I think I going to take 6 modules again just like last semester.

Going to rest till the next round (3A) opens on next Tuesday.

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