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Friday, November 12, 2004

My Unix Practical Exam was actually scheduled from 2pm to 4pm but then something happened and delayed the progress. Almost no one was able to log onto the NUS domain and mostly this could be due to some network connectivitiy problem in the lab. This is my 2nd PE for this module and in fact this is my 2nd PE in NUS. My first PE went quite well and I scored 95% for that. And as this 2nd PE, it was promised to be more on UNIX programming but then the 2nd question was based more on C. Quite disappointed since I concentrated so much on UNIX programming few days ago. The delay was a blessing in disguise since it helped buy some time and this meant more reading time for us.

At around 2:15pm, we were told to pack our bags and moved to another lab in the opposite building. "Everyone, we shall walk to the lab together", said Mr Edward, our TA. This reminds me of primary school times. There we go, carried our bags and stuff, walking to the opposite building. The procession was led by Mr Edward and Prof Weng walked behind the pack. This arrangement was to make sure there were no discussion among students and no one could leave the procession. Down the stairs, from 8th floor to 3rd floor, cross the linkway from SOC1 to S15 block, down one level to level 2 of S15, and into predetermined lab. "Log in and we shall start immediately!".

Imagine close to 100 students walking down the stairs in twos, in silence, crossing a bridge, then into 2 labs, really sounds funny to me (at least for me).

Not sure how will I fare for this PE.

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