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Saturday, March 09, 2013

How to block/unblock Messenger contacts after migration to Skype?

After having moved my messenger to Skype for a few weeks, the experience is like taking 100 steps backwards. Other than once encountering login issues, my impression on Skype has reached new bottom.

On the first day when I first migrated to Skype, messaging my contacts encountered problems. I soon realised that's all because I appeared offline on Messenger previously. A quick resolution not to lose all these contacts is to go back to Messenger, appear online to all contacts, exit from Messenger, then login to Skype again. Why didn't Skype think of this and do a proper synchronise job.

Blocking a messenger contact is so damn difficult on Skype. I repeat again - MESSENGER contact. The reason for repeating is because blocking a Skype contact is a few clicks away within the Skype program itself but NOT for a MESSENGER contact.

To block a messenger contact, you can only do it from Microsoft Live People page.
  1. Login to Windows Live account on your preferred browser.

  2. Click on the down arrow from the top menu followed by the People option.

  3. Then go to Manage > Limit Access.

  4. You may then limit access to selected contacts on this page.

NOTE: It is required to re-login Skype for the block/unblock to take effect.

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