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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Grandest Wedding Dinner
Yesterday was my cousin's bid day - Wedding. I missed the morning and afternoon event because I had something to attend to in the afternoon. Heard from my brother, he had got himself $90 just for being one of the 5 members who were involved in opening the wedding car for the bridegroom. $90 multiply by 5 would be $450 in all. The car was Jacguar!

The wedding dinner was the grandest among the many I been to in my entire life. It was held in Sentosa Sasa Shanrila Hotel. The couples booked several more than enough hotel rooms for all those relatives who wished to stay overnight and got themselves an Executive Suite. At around 6pm, cocktail was served on a beach. So romantic. Wedding dinner was held in the hotel's ballroom (real classy). erm... that was my first time I ever been to a wedding dinner where I saw many unoccupied seats. Just for my 10-customers table only had got 6 out of 10 occupied but that didn't mean food served gonna be 6 serving. The bridegroom family just wanted those who are of similar age, same generation, of closer relationship to sit together. They certainly were thoughtful and most importantly, damn rich. They even got 5 buses to bring people out of Sentosa to either City Hall of Outram Park.

Lifetime experience.

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