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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Two of my best friends are having problems at the moment and they came to me for help this morning. I really wish to help but I really cannot. Only if I were in the same year as them, I will. But I know it is possible to help but I have to sacrifice quite a lot if I were to do so - drop some modules, bid for that module, and then spend the entire semester trying to figure out many abstracts which I am yet to learn, waste my money by putting aside all those 2nd hand textbooks of those modules I would drop, etc.

Saw them in school this morning and really don't know how to help them. I think I am ashamed of myself. They really did help me a great deal when I first entered NUS especially the 1-day younger than me friend. But life just don't work out right for me and I am just a junior after all.

Good luck and may all good things be on us.

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