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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Just watched wrestling again just now and this time was a special one. It lasted for close to 3 hours and I was glued to the TV all the way. The last match between Eddie and John was brutal and bloody. It's an affair between the 2 where Eddie had got to defend the championship title. I hate the stupid John, looking cocky plus arrogant, making promises and guarantees that he will win the title no matter what prior to the match. Okay, he did win the match but I would classify that win as a "smelly" one. He used a steel chair to whack Eddie's head and this whack resulted Eddie to bleed like hell. His whole face was covered with blood and blood just constantly oozed out filling the ring's platform. That beast even tried a second attempt to use the metal title belt on Eddie's head but then was intercepted and in return, Eddie used that same metal title belt and whacked real hard on John's head. The referee saw it and disqualified him. That's unfair wasn't it?

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