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Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Brinkster Website Reached Its Limit Yet Again!

I got below email from Brinkster few days ago.

Dear Brinkster Member,

This is an automated message generated to inform you that yesterday your site[hongjun] reached its maximum daily data transfer/bandwidth limit of 16.7 MB andwas stopped at or about 3/29/2007 10:35:00 AM(EDT).

Don't worry! All stopped sites restart automatically at midnight, EDT.

With the General (free) Solution, you are allowed a generous 16.7 MB per day of data transfer/bandwidth (500 MB per month). Brinkster defines bandwidth as the overall amount of data (or bytes)transferred.

If you have received this message more than once, you may wish to take steps toprevent your site from using up its bandwidth too quickly. Alternatively, youmay wish to consider upgrading your account to either our Premium X4 or GeneralSE Solution.

The General SE Solution ($3.95 per month, $3.95 setup) offers 2000 MB ofbandwidth per month (68 MB per day), ftp access and access to Premium e-mailsupport via

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