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Friday, November 21, 2003

Went back to school today to consult my OS lecturer. I have got 2 lecturers for that module and the better one named "Hugh" was out. So I have no choice but to consult the second choice Roland. Roland don't practise "open door" policy and he put emphasis on following consultation hours.

It was 4pm, 6 hours past his allocated consultation hours. I knocked the door and heard "Come in". The moment I asked "I have some questions to consult you", he replied, "You came at the wrong timing and I have got something to do and so be QUICK!". I really made it real quick! Every question asked by me was always followed by his shocked and surprised look plus short structured replies. He really made me sound stupid.

My first impression on him when he taught the last 2 lectures of OS was already not good and what happened today is just another confirmation.

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