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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Went to Sitex show today and as it was just like normal PC Show...nothing really special about this one except....
We were standing in front of the Lexmark demonstration and the host suddenly pin-pointed me, "The one in red, YES that one. Could you come out and answer some questions?". Hmm....could I be the lucky one to win the palm zire? I decided to just give it a shot and here I go, walking onto the stage and answer some really simple damn obvious questions. Got myself a Lexmark analog watch with Stefanie Sun's face on the watch's face. OK no palm zire for me anyway.

Board a bus to Tampines mall for dinner after that. Chatted for quite a while in the food court before we decided to take a train to geylang for more supper. Tried the infamous "Smelly Beancurd". It isn't as smelly as I think it will be....very disappointing.

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