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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The CrazyOne is sick and I think he really needs everyone's support and wish. Sounds rather serious to me. He is a rare helpful person.

Hi everybody and thanks. Asta (astaec) emailed me the other day asking where I was and this was my reply to her.


Ummm I have been a little depressed. Neither my wife or I are having any real luck in finding a job. Recently my vision just went haywire. Everything was blurry with or without my glasses. I thought it might correct itself but it didn't. So my Dad agreed to pay for seeing the Optometrist. Well she didn't find any damage with my eyes and found my vision indeed has changed dramatically since I saw her in August. So she felt that there was a good chance that some medical condition was the cause and suggested I get a physical.

Well my Dad agreed to pay for the physical. Got the results last Monday 5-10. Was told that I have:

High cholesterol
High iron count

I have been given some medication for the Thyroid and Diabetes. And do have a new pair of glasses however my vision fluctuates throughout the day causing some minor difficulties.

The following is a reply I have been sending to folks. Sorry it isn't more personalized...
As far as I have been told my medical infirmaries are probably due to a Liver dysfunction and this particular problem is usually caused by genetics. My wife Wendy did some research and found that this condition is somewhat rare, 5 in every 1,000 people, and it mostly happens to women. The biggest problem, right now, is I have way too much iron in my blood and there is only one way to get rid of the excess iron and that is a procedure called a phlebotomy, which is draining of all the blood from my system. At some point to much iron can become toxic and poison the system. The main problem right know is finding someway to finance seeing a liver specialist to determine the course of action we need to take. We have two appointments Tues, one with the State and one with a non-profit organization called Doctor Cares to try to get some financial aid. However even if we do get some aid it may be another two to three months before being able to see the specialist.



Well our first of two appointments today is in two hours. I am not really feeling physically bad right now. The medication that I was prescribed seems to be helping some. I just wish my vision would settle in. It flucuates throughout the day that sometimes with my new glasses I almost have 20/20 vision. But at other times it deterioates that the glasses hardly help at all. And I hope we can get the financial aid we need so I can see the specialist. We don't really know precisely what the ailment is as far as the name goes yet. I don't suppose we will until we see the specialist. Anyway thanks all for your thoughts they are greatly appreciated. :)

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