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Friday, August 12, 2005

Freelance Project Finally Over

Finally after more than 2 months of work together with Regine on a freelance project, the project is completed - at least 99.9% completed. The project is a web-based application for Regine's elder sister's financial company. For more than 2 months, we have spent most of our weekends on the project. The process is tiring no doubt but then at least we are together most of the weekends. If not for me only able to book out on weekends, this project would have completed earlier.

We went back to JB yesterday evening to submit the product. Before that, we took a bus from NUS to Jurong West to have a sumptuous curry fish head dinner. I ordered curry fish head, a plate of vegetable and 2 plates of plain rice. The serving is quite big. After we had finished our plate of plain rice, there were still a lot of food left and so.. hehe.. we ordered an additional plate of plain rice each.

The next morning (today), her sister handed RM1,800 to us for the project. I was rather shocked because I only expect to receive only around RM1,000.

In the afternoon, Regine and I made a trip to a IT shopping centre "Landmark". She bought a 512MB 333MHz DDR RAM for her laptop for RM215. Hope it is cheaper than in Singapore.

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