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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Email Was Thought to Be Scam By Some

I recently lost my contacts from my PDA after a mistake while doing sync. This mistake resulted in almost 75% of all my contacts wiped out. In an attempt to recover them, I did a mass email to everyone on my GMail contacts but little did I expect many asked if I had lodged a police report for my "lost" phone. Some even asked and verified if the email was a scam before they replied with their contacts.

Thank god, I did not lost my phone.

My email:


I am sending this email to you to request for your most updated contact.
Just half an hour ago, something unfortunate happened and I just lost all my phone contacts.
  1. May I have your latest mobile number?

  2. Is this email address I am sending to your primary email account? If not, may I have your primary email address?
I am taking this "opportunity" to rebuild my contacts.

Hon Chun

I should be less formal the next time I send any emails.

1 comment:

  1. Should have explained you lost your phone contact in PDA (that is still with you)


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