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Monday, February 02, 2009

STOMP Controversy on TPJC Case

Sometimes, I feel STOMP is getting out of hand. Almost any articles sent in are published and I am not sure if the accuracy of them are verified.

Weeks ago, a STOMPer sent in a photo taken on public bus 12 showing 2 Tampines Junior College (TPJC) students 'heavy petting'. For this reason, the 2 students were stripped of their leadership positions as student councillors.

The 2 students had defended their behaviour and pleaded innocence. They are reported to be merely god-siblings. The male student was consoling his godsister who was unhappy as she had been appointed to a different class and that she did not bear to leave her friends. He pointed out that it was her mother (who is also his godmother) who wanted him to send her home and that the only form of intimacy was merely a consolation hug.

I hope STOMP can verify accuracy of articles before releasing them to the public. This report on STOMP has definitely caused unnecessary inconveniences to innocent parties.

Published on STOMP [via]
"We are innocent!" [via]
STOMP the biggest loser in TPJC controversy [via]

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