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Monday, August 11, 2003

First Lecture

Lecturer is humourous. He used the below as an example on a contradictory logic

All birds can fly
Ostrich is a bird
Therefore, all ostriches can fly.

To further make things clearer, he said "Human birds can't fly"!

That's not all. In the course of the lecture, he mentioned that "All mathematicians are absent-minded". He really live up to it. His handphone rang in the middle of the lecture after break time. He even jokingly asked around whose handphone was that without realizing that was actually his. Only after it rang for quite some time before he picked up his phone to reject the call. This was what he said, "Please do not report me".

Surprisingly, Chee Wee, Yongping and Koh Thiam Seng are my lecture mates.

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