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Monday, December 01, 2003

Went to school today with 3 friends to take part in a $30 reward for a 2 hours survey session. In fact it is $30 for 1 hour mouse "clicking" survey conducted by a group of IS honour students. I was the first to complete the 1hr mouse clicking session...hmm i guess i must be very good in using mouse.

I was surprised to see eliane as a volunteer helping out in supervising the survey. Ya she is another great friend of mine. Both of us living in amk, both of us having the same number of ADs, As, Bs and Cs during poly, both of us are scorpio (8th nov 1981 is my birthday and 9th nov 1981 is hers). Really coincidence. Looked at the list of students who have signed up for the survey and saw catherine's name on it. Thought this survey is only eligible for students matriculated in 2003? Guess there's some conspiracy going on inside but that's ok and it does not really matter.

With the meagre $30 on hand, my 3 friends and I went HollandV for lunch and afterwhich took a bus to orchard "Delfi" for a KTV session. There goes the $30.

Description of the 3 friends
1. WenKang
Very tall (approx 2m), SoC basketball representative, cheerful, humourous, some smart instinct in him.

2. Rui Kai
What i know of him is that he really HATE discrete maths. Gamer, some humour instinct in him.

3. Regine
likes to tell jokes (all are lame but they really come out very naturally) but then really make my day. sometimes blur but cute. cheerful and is the happy-go-lucky type. very helpful (yet to thank her for all her JC maths notes). always fun to have someone like her to talk to.

Should be about it.

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