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Friday, April 29, 2005

New Poly Students to Take MA1301

haha.. Just realized new students from poly enrolling into SoC will require to sit for and pass MA1301 exam to be considered to have met 'A' Level Mathematics pre-requisite. All Maths modules in SoC require 'A' Level Maths. However, poly students before this new batch are not told to take MA1301 and so end up everyone being waive this pre-requisite. Because of that, every single poly student must have went through the process of appealing for pre-requisite waive for every single maths module. How stupid they all. Why can't they run a script to waive for all poly students? Ok, no more confusion. All new poly students will need that bridging module. I still feel that module will not bring much help to poly students. How is it possible to learn the 2 years of JC Maths study from just 1 module?

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