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Monday, October 10, 2005

NUS Library Complaint

Since I promised to write something about the complaint I made to NUS library days ago, I will uphold my promise now.

The purpose of the email is to bring out the problem of outdated IT books in the NUS Science library. If one were to notice, many books on the shelves were old and were from years as old as the hills can be. Books of year 2004 or 2005 are rare. I see this as not helpful at all espeically to IT undergraduates. I feel students should have easy access to a vast repository of new books since school fees are paid for. A world class university like NUS not having decent bookshelves is a disgrace. I conducted a comparison with the local polytechnics and found out that NUS is no match with them when it comes to owning new library books. NUS libraries actually resembles a museum, keeping out-dated books since early days. Unlike NUS, SP and TP keep updating their shelves and have many new books of year later than year 2004. NUS has very few books of year later than year 2004.

NUS Library Search
SP Library Search
TP Library Search

Do a simple search on terms like "jsp", "tomcat", "vb net", "windows", etc say it all.

Reply from them is that their budget is tight and so will need to spend wisely. I don't accept this excuse. It seems I have to fall back on SP should I decided to become a member of a tertiary institution for access to a large repository of IT books. Furthermore, SP membership fee is more than half cheaper than that of NUS's.

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