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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Job Interview On Wednesday

My 3 months current contract job will end on 2nd Apr 2006. I will be attending a job interview for RCL Feeder Pte Ltd this coming Wednesday for a permanent job. If I manage to secure the RCL job, I will tender my resignation for my current one. My current boss is simply too cunning and narrow-minded and he certainly does not deserve my respect. But one thing I must admit him capable is his ability to secure many goverment projects and competing from other bigger companies. He even managed to get the company listed as one of NUS corporate affiliates and also be part of a "Goverment List". Companies in the "Goverment List" will be considered first for all goverment projects. He is really something.

Company Website

NUS Corporate Affiliates (Notice all are major players)

RCL (Job Interview on Wed)

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