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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Zodiac Signs 鼠 Rat

Rat Born in: 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996


Charming and humourous, honest and meticulous. Although they can give good advice, they cannot necessarily decide for themselves. May be power hungry, petty or greedy, Bright, sociable and highly ambitious. A true opportunist to reach the target. Passionate and good to her lover. Yet likes to gamble and spend lavishly.

The charm of the Rat personality is as universally known and loved as the Walt Disney character, Mickey Mouse. He could be forthright and honest but in such a disarming manner that you find yourself at a disadvantage.

Remarkably easy to get along with, hard working and thrifty, he will be generous only to those he is inordinately fond of, so if you get an expensive gift from him, you should certainly rate yourself high in his esteem. However, in spite of his penny-pinching ways, he will never be found wanting for admirers as he emits such fantastic appeal.

The Rat likes: bargains, Negotiation, Winning, Trust and Gambling.

The Rat dislike: Boredom, Timetable, Poverty, Loneliness and Reprimands.

Your Luck In Year 2006

Overall Forecast

A Rat in the year of Dog should only work hard and wait for an improvement in the unfavourable luck. You could try to set up business and seize the best opportunity for its development. Do not overwork as it may harm your health. In view of the unstable emotional luck, show more concern towards your spouse.


Being in the unfavourable health, you must not overwork. Be careful of the relapse of old illness and get immediate medical treatment if you feel unwell. Health luck will worsen in April and the second half of the year.


You will make some profit from your business. For the working class, good relationships with the superiors will certainly help in your promotion. In trade, mutual trust between the business partners is essential.


The unfavourable health and wealth luck will make you moody. Married couples should show more concern with each other. The quarrels between lovers will be solved amicably.


No heavy investments or risky means for fast profit is encouraged. Handle your finance carefully. Do not act as guarantor or borrow money.

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