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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Planning for Bangkok Trip

I am planning for a Bangkok trip from 1 to 5 Jul 2009. This shall be my second trip to Bangkok. Hopefully my leave will be approved.


  1. Hey once your leave approved le, do let us know! *shopping list awaiting for you* hahaha :P try to explore more than just Bangkok if possible...

  2. My leave is confirmed.
    I should be at BKK unless my friend wants to bring us out further.
    He is staying at BKK.


  3. Original plan was to visit Cambodia Angkor Wat but then no more budget airline tickets. Silk Air offering at SGD 1,430!

  4. WAT! SGD1430 for a trip to Cambodia!!! That is even more expensive than my air tix to Aussie last time! I know le, cos Cambodia is currently Swine flu-free, so there is a high demand for that, esp in June holidays... hahaha :P Btw just help me buy "GOU DA BIAN" in Thailand will do! Hahaha thanks!

  5. Will buy that and more if I know what else are nice.


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