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Friday, June 19, 2009

To quarantine for 3 days next month

It is confirmed that I will be quarantined next month for 3 days after I return from Thailand. Since the trip is a personal one, I will be required to apply my own annual leave for the 3-days quarantine.

I feel so bad because my quarantine period clashes with my Software Acceptance Test (SWAT). Sigh...


  1. How abt think this way - if you cancel your trip, they will/will not feel bad, but definitely you wont feel good if you do tht. So dun feel bad over this. Erm i think my consolation doesnt sound logical... hahah... anyway the shortform for the test sounds COOL! like fei hu bu dui! hahaha :P

  2. A bit troublesome because other than myself, no one can conduct the test. If it is to be postponed, will need to inform many people including the air force people.

    Hangar is already booked for the week! EX wor..


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