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Monday, September 17, 2007

How To Stay With MSN 7.5

Microsoft has just step up in forcing all Messenger users to upgrade to the new Windows Live Messenger. However, this has brought displeasure to some.

However, there's a temporary workaround to revert back to MSN 7.5. Please note that this workaround method works now does not mean it is going to work forever. Who knows when Microsoft will lock the use of earlier messenger versions by changing the encryption and protocol.

This is how the workaround works.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger
  2. Right click msnmsgr.exe and select Properties
  3. Make sure Compatibility tab is selected
  4. Check the Compatibility mode option and select Windows 2000 from dropdown list
  5. Click Apply or OK button
  6. Run MSN Messenger 7.5 and it will automatically repair it.

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