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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Discontinuation of the McDonald's Rewards Program

The McDonald's Rewards program will be discontinued with effect from 1 June 2008. In the meantime, all Rewards may still earn and redeem their Rewards points as follows:

Now till 11 April 2008

Rewards points can still be earned and redeemed.

12 April 2008 till 31 May 2008

Eligibility to earn Rewards points will cease. However, redemption is still possible

From 1 June 2008

Redemption will be not possible. However, since redemption slips have a 30 days expiry, redemption slips printed before 1 June 2008 will still be valid for the next 30 days. After 30 June 2008, any and all redemption slips shall no longer be valid.

For any queries, McDonald's can be reached at 1800-4919810.

Official Announcement

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