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Saturday, March 29, 2008

NETS Revises Pricing for NETS CashCard

Consumers are going to have pay more for their NETS CashCard come May, as it will include the cost of the CashCard as well. We will have to fork out S$10 for a CashCard - comprising S$5 for the cost of the card and S$5 for the stored value amount. Currently, we are paying $7 for every purchase - comprising S$5 for the stored value and another S$2 deposit which is refundable. Cards will expire every 5 years for both current and future versions.

NETS Announcement

With this new arrangement, consumers are going to pay for NETS production costs and we are left with nothing to gain. NETS are already charging retailers more for using NETS service since 1 July 2007 and now, they are showing their soft power once again.

Do we have a choice? Just think of the number of services that need CashCard. Should you have got any feedback on NETS CashCard, you may submit yours here. But will your voices be heard?

I am going to try to get one new blue CashCard myself and refund my old one. Hope it is still available.

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