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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore Table Tennis Women's Team Reaches Olympics Final

Singapore table tennis women's team finally reaches the Olympics final. This "feat" guarantees Singapore a medal of at least a silver and end Singapore's 48 years wait of a Olympics medal in any sporting event.

Am I as a Singaporean proud of this achievement? My answer is NO! The ENTIRE team makes up of sportswomen born in China but made Singapore citizens so they can represent Singapore. Few days back, Singapore swimmer, Tao Li, having finished 5th in a swimming event, was praised by the Singapore President. Tao Li was said go have made her fellow countrymen proud. Fellow countrymen? Tao Li herself was born in China and so fellow countrymen refers to China or Singapore?

The way things are running in Singapore disappoints me. I feel if there are no quality in our atheletics, so be it. The initiative to start our first Sports School is commendable and our Singapore born young men and women should be put more emphasis. To rely on foreign imports is just too much.

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