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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Josie Lau AWARE Team Defeated Soundly

Former AWARE (Association for Woman's Action and Research) president, Ms Dana Lam, is now again the new president of AWARE. Ms Josie Lau and her team were forced to step down from office after a vote of no confidence was passed against the new Exco, with a margin of 1,414 votes to 761 votes.

Ms Josie Lau was the president for less than two months. Josie Lau and team "seized" and voted out the Dana Lam's team less than two months back citing the AWARE was moving in the wrong direction. Josie Lau and team were mainly made up of newly enrolled members.

I see democracy working.

Josie Lau and team defeated soundly

Legal comments

Constance Singam joyous with results

Josie Lau and team removed, AWARE elect new team

Josie Lau and team admit defeat and step down

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