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Monday, November 16, 2009

Patience proves to be the right strategy

On 18 Sep 09, I bought ST Engineering shares at the price of S$2.69 per share. Today, the share price closed higher at S$3.12 per share. Over 2 months, ST Eng share price ended higher by approximately 16%. What does this show?

Fundamentally, ST Engineering stock is a value stock with over 10 billion dollars order recorded. However, technical analysis does not look very positive. RSI is currently showing signs of overbought. However, I will definitely hold onto this blue chip and am confident its resilience is real.

BTW, other than personal stock holdings under the care of CDP, I do have quite a fair bit of employee shares under SSOS as well.

Disclaimer: Please do your own background research before trading. Fully vested.

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