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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LTA partners Google to provide traffic & transit information

LTA partners Google to provide traffic & transit information
By Cheryl Lim, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 19 November 2009 1633 hrs

A new collaboration between Google and Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) will give commuters land transport options at their fingertips.

The result is a service that will allow commuters to plan their journeys based on current traffic status.

The partnership also marks the first time a country is working with Google to provide transport options as part of its global online map platform - Google Maps.

The LTA currently provides traffic and transit information to various other vendors for similar applications, and it hopes this service will encourage more people to take public transport.

"Our aim is to make sure that commuters have all the choices and they can choose between the different modes of transport - on the bus, on the train - and to travel in different ways to reach their destination as smoothly as possible," said Yam Ah Mee, chief executive of Land Transport Authority.

The application is available at the following website -

It is sad that Google Maps does not work on my Windows Mobile 6.0 powered PDA.

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