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Thursday, April 04, 2013

My trust in Citibank has gone down the drain

Please do share if you do have a bad experience with Citibank or any other banks too.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Reference to a request from @AskCiti (Twitter handler) to send an email to the above email address for elaboration as to why I have decided to terminate my credit card and my relationship with Citibank, I am here - now writing this email.

Twitter correspondence here:

So, what actually happened?

  1. On Feb 2013, I received a credit card bill from Citibank showing an annual fee of S$150 + S$10.50 charged onto my card.

  2. I called in to +65 6225 5225, spoke to a customer service officer (CSO) and requested for a waiver. The guy I spoke to promised and reassured me a total of S$160.50 would be waived on the spot. I proceeded to make bill payment without the waived amount.

  3. On Mar 2013, I received a credit card bill from Citibank. What shocked me was not only the S$160.50 wasn't been waived, a further S$21.85 was incurred due to an unexpected debit balance carried forward from Feb 2013.

  4. I called in to +65 6225 5225 last week, spoke to a customer service officer (CSO), explained what happened, and demanded for a waiver of S$150 + S$10.50 + S$21.85 = S$182.35. The CSO reassured me the amount would be waived in 3 working days. Not trusting Citibank this time round and wouldn't want this "debt" to be carried forward to yet another billing cycle, I insisted Citibank contact me on any update. I proceeded to make bill payment without the S$182.35.

  5. 3 working days have passed - nothing is done, no one from Citibank contacted me.

  6. I called +65 6225 5225 yesterday on 3 Apr 2013, spoke to a customer service officer (CSO), explained the whole story again, and was told my request for waiver was not in the system.

  7. The CSO helpfully made a waiver on the spot, reassured me the waiver done and completed.

  8. Losing trust completely in Citibank, I requested for a complete closure of my card. I was then redirected to the closure department.

  9. Citing my lost in trust in Citibank and lack of follow up from Citibank as the reason for closure, the last CSO I spoke to proceeded to close my account.

  10. Almost immediately after the tele-conversation, the last CSO phoned. It's this very last conversation that really made me laughed till I almost dropped. This CSO suggested I should stay with Citibank for 1 more year since all charges were waived. She then revealed the real 2 reasons for me to continue - 1) she forgot to verify my identity, 2) there was a system error encountered and my first conversation with her was not logged.

  11. Do you expect me to repeat everything again after the recording system is turned on?

  12. How can I convince myself to believe and trust Citibank again if simple procedure like verification of identity and making sure the recording system is running (if need be) are not ensured?

FYI, a copy of this email is published here.

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