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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My predictions on module bidding

NUS is using a totally new system - Bidding for modules using bidding points. The higher points you used to bid for modules, the higher the chances you will get them. Bidding has already started but I as a freshmen can only start my bid on 1st Aug and so this will mean vacancies may be taken.

Theoretically, this bidding system is the fairest of all but practically I beg to differ. This system will bring lots of disappointments, lots of appeals, long working hours of NUS operators. Students who really need to study certain modules but are then unable to bid for it will need to appeal and through this new system, appeals got to be filed online. I bet NUS operators will only look through the entire list of appeals just before they knock off from work and this means students will have to wait for many hours before getting a virtual reply. To process the long list of appeals will definitely be done "chop chop". Trust me, students will end up consulting undergraduate advisors through phone or in person.

The appeal process will take you many days and the result will not going to be 100% positive. This system sucks.

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