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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Parade A Job Well Done

After yesterday's only rehearsal, the Chief of Arty talked to us telling us that the performance was just a 95% score and urged us to give our very best in the evening's actual SAF Day parade. Even before the actual parade took place, I knew for sure no matter how good or bad we were during the actual parade, the score would always be a perfect score and that's for sure. SAF has got this stupid yet egoistic policy and that is they will never say poor performance so as to cover their own backside. If they grade below perfect, it is the same as saying trainers are unfit to be a trainer.

This is especially evident during the yearly LRI or PAT's inspection. SAF personnel will always cover this and that just to ensure the outside image potrays a clean one and not an ugly one. Do you agree? You have to agree.

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