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Saturday, July 12, 2003

No prizes for me

I went to fort canning for my battalion's anniversary cum ord dinner yesterday night. Weather wasn't good that day and it rained the moment we started to walk to the destination from Dhoby Ghaut. I wondered why fort canning was chosen. Why can't they choose a place which is more accessible, more comfortable at least with air-con, like a restaurant? As predicted, the dinner was held at a open field with a tent over it as shelter. Normal chairs akin to those used on Malay weddings occasions were used with the only difference being seat covers were used. Because of the rain and strong wind, small leaves were seen on the seats as well as tables. Occasion like this reminded me of Hungry Ghosts Festivals dinner.

Table gifts in the form of a SAF paper bag containing few little goodies like a cd-rom, a key chain, a ASICS polo-T, and a lucky draw cinema-lookalike ticket were issued.

MC for the night was Eileen Wee and as expected, she came with a sexy outfit bearing a really short and with many holes here and there mini shirt. Even her voice was sexy! So she was the "supermodel" as stated in an ad many days before to make the dinner more worth the many tens of dollars. Being a host or MC was her job isn't it?

9 course dinner with free flow of coke, F&N orange or 7-UP, plus a can of beer was one to be waited for. Cold dish followed by shark's fins with very little slices of crabmeat, herbal chicken, fried scallop, butter prawns, small mushrooms with cauliflower, fried hard rock fish, fried seafood rice, and lastly mango as dessert were served. I got to admit that some of the dishes were delicious.

As usual lucky draw is never my type of game - a game that I will never win. 50 prizes were given away but none was landed on my hands. Too bad and just too bad.

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