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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I re-read and re-read my icq history between Regine and myself. I think I may have made her angry once again. I really doesn't know what the fuck am I doing for my almost 23 years of life in this world. I am beginning to believe I am a useless bum needless of me at all in this big big world. I am unable to trace what has I done wrong for goodness sake! I am hopeless a hopeless being. Think I better do more reflections every night before I sleep and perform more good deeds to repay my possible bad deeds in my previous life. Yes, I used to never believe of previous life but I think I have to at least from now on. I am seeing some retribution on me. I feel so silly each time whenever I doesn't even know what is happening and what is the cause of it. I know it must have been something I said but sometimes I really don't see anything wrong.

I have done my very best.

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