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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Regine and I went to the NLB annual sales at Suntec Exhibition Hall early this morning. We started queuing up at 10am the moment the exhibition started. I was the one who suggested going for the NLB sales and yes, I am a typical kiasu Singaporean. My target for the day was simple - grab cheap IT books.

The moment we were let into the hall, I quickly led her to the non-fiction section in search for IT books. Oh my goodness, all non-fiction books were mixed together with no segregation among them. Computer books could be found in all non-fiction wagons! Challenge was on and our job was to comb all wagons and grabbed all "potential" books and placed them onto our shopping baskets. Our count of books grabbed in total between us was close to 20! I quickly chose a clean space just enough for both of us plus our baskets and settled down. One by one, from 20 books we grabbed, I finally settled for 4 books while she settled for 2 and the rest went back to a wagon. 6 books for just a mere $12 is definitely a good buy.

I am a typical Singaporean after all.

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