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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Singnet Is Causing Problems To Blogger Posting

There were some problems in making a Blogger posting for the past 4 days or so no matter what browser I was using. After some investigation by many, the culprit could be Singnet.

--- Quoted From a Blogger Employee ---
Hi all,

Thanks for doing continuing to update this thread - looks like you did
some good investigating! So, let me see if I've got a good
understanding of what's going on here:

- The post editor shows up in a jumbled fashion, as demonstrated by
this screenshot:

- This happens in both Firefox and IE, but perhaps not in the outdated
IE 6
- Those who are affected are Singnet users in Singapore
- If you change the post editor's URL to "www2" instead of "www,"
you're able to get a normal post editor

Does that cover everything and sound correct? Let me know and we can
do some more investigation. Also, one person mentioned a 500 - # error
message. If you get that kind of error, would you please head over to
the following thread and answer the questions I posted there?:



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