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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Incident in EE

Something happened in EE today.

I was helping an expert in solving a JSP problem and all in all, I provided direct answers to each and every question he has. However, he gave me a C grade and of course I requested an explanation to the low grade. I definitely deserved an A if not a B for my effort. His reply was "I love C". I then countered him by asking if he would prefer a C grade or an A for his exam paper. His reply again was "C".

I could not accept his explanation and thus posted a request to review the given grade and at the same time requesting a moderator to "teach" him how to behave in EE. Both of us managed to make peace an hour later before a moderator stepped in to interfere. However, my request was sent and there's no way for me to pull back.

Just a few minutes ago, a moderator interfered and got the grade upgraded to A and suspended the offender's account. I didn't know my words carry so much weight and caused a suspension on his account. I quickly made clear that the incident between us was cleared and would like the suspended account to be reinstated. For my words, the account is again reinstated but the moderator has suffered lots of insulting spams from the offender.

I hope for the matter to be dropped and all back to normal.

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