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Monday, November 12, 2007

Is Global Market Going to Fall in 4th Quarter

As compiled by the Bloomberg, the US S&P 500 rose in the fourth quarter 58 of 79 times since 1928. History has shown that usually it's best to pick up stocks in the 4th quarter because they come in cheap and 4th quarter usually marks the start of a bull run. However, it seems this year's 4th quarter is an exception.

For years since the Internet bubble burst, technology and utilities stocks in the US have been performing very well till now. Their performance have prevented the US stock market from collapsing and are now trading near their most expensive valuations. However, the recent slight fall of these stocks are sending us warnings that the bull run could be over soon.

The last time the market was so dependent on technology and utilities stocks are in year 2000 (around the Internet bubble burst period). That's when the US S&P 500 index plunges 49 percent over 2.5 years! It seems that we are to be extra careful.

I hope brokers and analysts can update clients more often on the market trends and advise on the necessary actions to undertake before investors' hard-earned cash are lost overnight.

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