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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google Chrome about: Pages

I have compiled a list of about: pages for Google Chrome. If you know of more, do let me know.

Navigates to a blank page.

This page lists all visited webpages that are cached by Google Chrome. Google Chrome comes with a capability whereby you can browse webpages in Incognito mode. Nothing is cached (kept) and all traces are removed in Incognito mode.

It shows how a page will look like if crashed.

This shows a list of 10 most frequently visited websites (hostnames). Google Chrome prefetches DNS records to improve page load performance.

Simulates hang.

It shows some text-drawn histograms showing Google Chrome's internal metrics. This can get too technical for many.

This is an Easter egg. It embeds the famous 3D pipes screen saver from Windows. If you do not have the 3D pipes screen saver, you won't see it.

This page displays a summary of memory consumed by Google Chrome and other known browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera if they are running. You can also get to this page doing a Shift + Esc, followed by clicking on the Stats for nerds link from the Google Chrome Task Manager dialog.

This page offers some functionalities to perform I/O tracking and performance monitoring. You will need to start tracking before you navigate to another page in a different tab. This logging display can be technical.

This page shows a list of all plugins (e.g. Shockwave Flash and QuickTime) that are available in Google Chrome. These plugins also include those that are disabled.

This page displays some internal counters, timers and values used by Google Chrome. These parameters may be of no meaning to some but are certainly very critical since Google titled the page as "Shhh! This page is secret!".

This shows the build version of the Google Chrome currently being run.

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