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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Listed Companies Should Connect to Shareholders

I recently sent an email to a just-listed company on the Singapore Exchange, Hai Leck Holdings Limited, to let them know the importance of connecting to shareholders. Unlike other companies, Hai Leck website does not have an Investor Relations section. Investor Relations page typically includes information like the management, organization structure, announcements, and so on.

Other than suggesting to them to add a Investor Relations section, I also reported a bug. In their Contacts page, the link to Email address was erroneous. The erroneous link was corrected 1 day after my email.

I am yet to see them adding the Investor Relations page. I hope the Singapore Exchange will enforce all listed companies to be more transparent and connect "better" with shareholders by having a Investor Relations page on their corporate website.

Hai Leck Holdings Limited

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