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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Choosing a smart password

Google Gmail recently published an article to advice how to choose a "smart" password to avoid being hacked and abused. Just this week, there have been several cases of passwords being leaked and posted on the World Wide Web due to phishing. Affected passwords include those from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL.

Internet users need to be educated to be IT-savvy and be on guard against potential attacks. Attacks based on social engineering look to be on the rise these days.

I summarise the article by Gmail below.

Problem 1: Re-using passwords across websites
Solution 1: Use unique passwords

Problem 2: Using common passwords or words found in the dictionary
Solution 2: Use a password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols

Problem 3: Using passwords based on personal data
Solution 3: Create a password that's hard for others to guess

Problem 4: Writing down your password and storing it in an unsecured place
Solution 4: Keep your password reminders in a secret place that isn't easily visible

Problem 5: Recalling your password
Solution 5: Make sure your password recovery options are up-to-date and secure

Last year, I made a similar post on creating strong passwords. The advice was given by Microsoft.

Choosing a smart password [via]
How to Create Strong Passwords? [via]

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