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Thursday, October 15, 2009

PTC impose "huge" fine on SBS Transit and SMRT for $500 and $200 respectively

The Public Transport Council’s (PTC’s) regular review of SBS Transit and SMRT buses operating performance showed that in the 6-month period from 1 December 2008 to 31 May 2009, there were general improvements in performance and bus operators had largely met the Quality of Service (QoS) standards set.

For their improved extraordinary performance, the PTC is imposing lesser financial penalties of $500 and $200 on SBS Transit and SMRT respectively. In the previous
period, SBS Transit and SMRT were fined $4,500 and $100 respectively. The unbelievable small fine imposed is real and not a joke. I can say the amount fined is insignificant to the two companies and I certainly do not think they will even give a damn.

Great job to the PTC for the extraordinary small impact fine (with sarcasm).

Bus operators’ Quality of Service (QoS) has improved for the 6-month period, Dec 08 to May 09 [via]

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