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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunderland scored against Liverpool with help of a beach ball

Life's a beach for Sunderland. Sunderland scored a goal against Liverpool with the help of a beach ball. Former Premier League referee Jeff Winter branded the decision to allow Sunderland's winner against Liverpool as "absolutely amazing" for the goal should just not have stood. The laws of the game state that if there's an outside interference, the game has to be stopped. The soccer ball hit a beach ball and the beach ball completely deceived the Liverpool goalkeeper, resulting in the keeper going in the wrong direction. An outside influence is anything other than the 22 maximum players on the field and the referee. If it hits the referee and goes in, he's part of the game. If a spectator comes on the pitch and kicks the ball, the game must be stopped. Ironically, the beach ball was let in by a Liverpool fan.

The final score is Sunderland 1 Liverpool 0.

I am sorry that the embedded video showing the blunder is removed due to some legal issues.

Look at 2:00 mark for the beach ball goal.

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